Register a foreign company

Company information -> Wait for ID06 to contact you

Your form has been sent!

What happens next?

After submitting the registration form, you will receive an email to the address registered under “Contact Person’s Email Address” containing further instructions on how to complete the process of setting up your ID06 company account.

Prepare to validate your identity

After filling in the company information form, you will receive an email from ID06 confirming that the verified company signatory has been approved by ID06. The email also informs you that you need to validate your identity to proceed with the registration process.

The validation looks different depending on what method you choose. If you have an eID you can click the link in the email which will take you into the registration system, where you can proceed to fill in your information. If you do not have an eID you need to scan your passport at one of our scanning stations.

There are two ways to verify your identity:

  • Scan passport/national ID on siteChoose one of our approved scanning stations that suits your location, and book an appointment with them to scan your passport/ national ID document.
  • Digitally with an eID
You can use your ID06 approved eID once you have received the confirmation email from ID06. The email contains instructions on how to proceed with the registration.You can find the list of approved eID´s to the right.