ID06 Stamp

ID06 Stamp is an analysis tool where you can visually see your employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs, overall statistics, and even digitally generate register extracts.

Information is continuously retrieved from your employee register – from all your company’s workplaces. Regardless of when you start using the service, you will be able to access the data collected since the launch of ID06 Stamp in November 2021.

You will have good control over your employee register, which is created when your employees log in and out at a workplace.

This is a basic service that is already included if your company is connected to ID06, and it just needs to be activated by you. Designate an administrator and access your company’s employee register when you log into the ID06 Portal.

The purpose of the service is

  1. To provide a storage service, based on the retention requirements of the Tax Procedure Regulation (2011:1261), and to obtain a copy of your company’s electronic staff register, from ID06 Partners;
  2. To assist your company with information requested by an authority in the event of a follow-up check after a workplace visit;
  3. To assist in conducting analyses of ID06 Stamp in order to help you detect inaccuracies, such as double registrations, incorrect logins and logouts, etc.

To activate ID06 Stamp, follow these steps

As the administrator of your company, you can activate the service by following these steps:

1. Log in to the ID06 Portal

2. Select your company’s name in the top right corner to access ”User Management.”

3. Fill in the information for a new user (or an existing user) and choose the option ”Company Administrator for My ID06 Stamp.”

4. Go to the service, which will now be visible on the ID06 Portal homepage, and select the option to activate ID06 Stamp. Done!