Show your certificates and qualifications with your ID06-card

Did you know that you can collect and show your certificates/qualifications with your ID06 card? This is done by the training company that is registering your certificates/qualifications at ID06 Competence Database. Being able to easily show your certificates/qualifications facilitates the management for you, your employer and those responsible at the work site.


Safe Construction Training – Mandatory on the construction site

At the work site where ID06 is applied, you can see your certificates/qualifications via card readers when you use your ID06 card. It is also possible to connect the ID06-card to e.g. selected access and machine control, where the qualification is required. More and more companies are demanding that selected certificates/qualifications must be registered in order to enter a work site.

Some examples of requirements trainings are “Brandfarliga arbeten”, “Heta arbeten” and “Asbest”.

From 1 July, Safe Construction Training will be mandatory for everyone who works at construction sites where Byggföretagen’s member companies have the employer role or are responsible for the work environment coordination.

The requirement thus always applies to the member company’s own employees and to professionals at other companies that prevail during the member company’s work environment coordination.

Haven’t you done your education yet?
Check with your employer if any activity is planned prior to implementation. The education is registered at ID06 Competence Database after approved completion and is then automatically linked to your ID06-card.